Bustin’ a Move with the SOS

Your Madwoman has a new Laptop, a sweet, snazzy little number with display so pretty it makes her eyes smile. How happy does this back-to-school gift from the taxpayers of Turtle Country make me? Why, very nearly as happy as global goddess Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to have been last night in Pretoria, South Africa. Watch this video. It’ll put a grin on your face for the evening, even if you don’t have retina display on your laptop and even if you’re planning to hunker down and face those syllabi tonight instead of zoning out to another four hours of #NBCFail. You go, Hillz. If ever a girl deserved to cut loose and get down, it’s you. Peace out.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Congratulations on the retina display. I got my new baby last December, just prior to retina display, but Mrs. Radical is finally going to allow me to roll over her PC with our Toyota as we head out to the Apple store on her behalf.


  3. So now I have been hanging out in this space trying to fix up my gravatar. Success!


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