Mad Glances

Pedestrian tunnel in Terminal 1, O’Hare International Airport, 9/21/12.
Photo Credit: The Madwoman

Not to worry, darlings. I’m not dead and I haven’t been fired for nursing while teaching. (Of course, if I’d been nursing while teaching, you’d have heard about it — through the Vatican’s Miracle Investigation Unit.) Just busy. I was in the space-agey tunnel in O’Hare’s Terminal 1 on Friday returning from a whirlwind trip to Nebraska for a big-wiggish lecture I was invited to give on my old pal Willa Cather. Hey, it even made the newspaper, though I can’t say the earnest young reporter caught all the nuances of my analysis of Cather’s late life and early afterlife within the context of the post-WWII Lavender Scare. As I said when I posted the article to the Book of Faces, “If you tell a kid reporter that Willa Cather was ‘a tough broad,’ it’s going to show up in the paper the next morning. You were a kid reporter once. You know these things.” So true.

Anyhoo, I seem to be getting quoted in lots of newspapers lately. Because I have the good fortune to know a lot of tough and wonderful broads. Yes, I am a lucky woman. Some day I will get around to blogging the extraordinary news of a possible new photograph of Emily Dickinson and the searing yet brave story of my former teacher Susan Gubar’s experience of ovarian cancer. In the meantime, you follow those links like the dutiful little do-bees I know you are. You need to know these things.

Also: Mitt Romney will never be president, but he looks to have a solid future as a figure of speech. Historiann explains.

Speaking of tough broads, the Woman Formerly Known as Goose is taking me to see Madonna tonight. Because there’s more to life than rock and roll (but happy birthday, Boss). And apparently there’s more to life than course prep. Later, lovelies. I’ve got to go tone up my biceps to get ready for this evening. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the buffest middle-aged babe in show business. Peace out, material people.

Photo Credit: Chad Batka, New York Times


  1. You are so fucken lucky to get to see Madonna tonight! She is awesome! Have fun!


  2. Jamie Wilson says:

    “dutiful little Do-Bees” is right! My first-born son is also celebrating his 19th Birthday with Bruce. Saw Madonna in 1985 at Merriweather and showed her my plastic black bangles and babushka head scarf. Enjoy! Carry on, MadWomanwithalaptop!


  3. undinenotofgeneralinterest says:

    Enjoy the concert, and I can’t wait for your Dickinson photograph post.


  4. How was the show? Congrats on the Nebraska gig! (Where else, of course, would they like a major lecture on one of the original Tough Broads, WC?)

    Glad to hear that you are not dead–and that others are also among the quick. (Although it’s hard to know what to wish for in SG’s case. I almost start to cry every time I remember her wonderful, awful book. I look forward to reading what you have to say about it, because my eyes are still blinded with tears whenever I even think of writing about it.


  5. Yep, the show was great. I’ll add it to the list of things I hope to post on if I can manage to get half caught up on, you know, work. Must be a better Do-Bee and a super Tough Broad — for October looms!


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