Saturday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

I have a cold, a twisted ankle, and a dog who needs to have her anal glands expressed. You really don’t want to hear from me today. No, you want me to post a happy little video, get dressed, and go out to see if Jennifer Lawrence deserved that gold statue she won earlier this week. (The dog will visit the vet tomorrow. I am all for expression, but if it’s going to involve the anal glands I’m thinking a highly trained professional should take care of it. Am I right, dog owners?)

The happy little video is of feminist critics Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar accepting their National Book Critics Circle Award for Lifetime Achievement. You could do worse than to spend 9 minutes listening to a couple of brave and brilliant pioneers express their gratitude and reflect on the decades of work they did together. It’s a good reminder that scholarship matters, that friendship endures, and that sometimes two heads really can be better than one. Congratulations, Susan and Sandra, and thank you, for everything.


  1. Wow, things have gone south since last night. I fear that you might learn something different about Ms. Rudy’s bottom at the vet. Kim wasn’t there to remind you that often I could benefit from anal glad expressing (that is, I have been known to be full of shit.) Feel better! Enjoy the movie. Commit to madwimmin everywhere.


  2. Oh, I feel all right. A girl might exaggerate a bit for the sake of blog drama, you know. We ended up skipping the movie and watched basketball from home. Yay, Maryland and Indiana! Boo, Duke! We’ll see what the vet has to say about Ms. Ruby, but, well, I have always known that you were prone to a certain full of $hit-ness. But, you know, express yourself, dear. Get it? EXPRESS yourself??? ROFL! And here’s to the madwimmin in each and all of us.


  3. Thanks for posting this, Madwoman–what brilliant good luck for Gilbert, Gubar, and all of us that they both happened to be hired by IU! It’s interesting to consider the role of fate and luck in our intellectual lives.


  4. The vid is fantastic. With you on the anal glands; this is why the Goddess made veterinary assistants who now charge what we used to pay the pediatrician.


  5. Love you, TR. Truly, I do. But I have to admit that “with you on the anal glands” is a level of intimacy I never expected us to reach. I am . . . touched, as it were. 😉


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